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Have you adopted a cat or dog from us and would like to share your pet’s story? We would love to hear how your special pet has touched your life. If you would like to share your story and/or a picture of your pet with us, please email happytails@lostdogrescue.org.

Sunshine’s Update

Posted on: Friday April 24

1926694_898333610189027_8466045804198023120_nSunshine is doing very well.  Her new name is Ashley, and she is getting along very well with our other cat Lily.
Her first vet appointment went well.  She did have a case of tapeworm, but the vet gave us a topical for both cats which was easy to apply.
Ashley has turned into a cuddle bug and often sleeps with one of the family members.  She is also very playful and very coordinated.  She really likes a sparklie fish attached to a wand.
I’ve attached a picture of her buried in my son’s stuffed animals.


Booker aka Astor’s Update

Posted on: Friday April 24

IMG_6681Thanks for email us and asking about Booker (aka Astor.)  First let me tell you we are totally in love and Booker is amazing.   That said, it hasn’t been without a big bump in the road.  We were looking to adopt a young, female cat; and according to the paperwork, we did.    However, after a few nagging questions, (like if she was just fixed, why isn’t her stomach shaved?) we quickly realized we had a boy on our hands.  :)    By the time we realize she was a he, we were totally in love, and he is family.
Booker is incredible, and a total ham.  The very definition of a lap cat.  He like to fall asleep in the crook of our arms, on his back with his front legs over his head!  Something our two previous female cats would never do…  When he wants attention, he gets between you and what ever you are doing, he love his kids (our daughters) and he has already grown, a lot!
He has had his first vet appointment and is in perfect health; and has had his booster shot.  We are very happy with him and love having him in our family.
Attached is a photo of Booker with our daughter.
Thanks for checking in on Booker, and know is he loved!

Luna aka Gloria’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday April 22

Gloria, now named Luna, is doing great! She is such a sweet girl and made her way to be part of the family quick! At first, she was very timid of stairs and doorways. But, now she runs the house like she owns the place. She took a few days to get on a regular eating schedule, but now instead of hoping she would eat anything at all, she is waiting by her bowl at mealtimes. We also got her microchipped last week. She loves other dogs and is learning to walk on the leash for hikes. We recently took her to spruce knob and seneca rocks. We love her dearly, thanks for letting her become part of the family!!! I attached some pictures for you.

Sean’s Update

Posted on: Monday April 20

We are soooooo happy with our new baby puppy “Sean!”  We did change is name though…his new name is Ecclesiastes (we call him Easy for short) and he is the most wonderful dog we could have hoped for.  He’s been to the vet a couple times already to get his boosters and rabies vaccinations and according to the doctors he has seen he is in great health!  On his first visit a couple weeks ago he was a solid 10 pounds, and this past weekend when he went back for his checkup he was up to 14.5 pounds…right where the vet thinks he should be.

We’ve also been taking Easy out and about quite often for some good exercise which he loves.  He’s visited numerous parks throughout Fairfax County with us and is learning to do quite well on a leash.  He’s loves seeing and greeting other people and is very playful with other dogs.  I’ve attached some pictures of his adventures for you to share on your happy tails site.

We feel so blessed to have found Easy, and thank you all very much for everything you do Beth.  You bring such joy to people’s lives.

Ferra’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday April 14

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe just wanted to update everybody on wonderful Ferra has been and how
great of an addition to our family she has been!  Moe, our Puggle, and
Ferra have become terrific companions and don’t like to go anywhere
without one another. When they go to daycare they won’t go outside to
play unless they each know where the other is and sometimes will take
the other’s leash in order to ‘hurry them up for recess’

Moe and FerraAs you can see by the picture Ferra and Moe have bonded well.  My wife
and Ferra have particularly bonded, but Ferra is becoming more
trusting of her dad, men and people in general – we think she knows
she is in her forever home and this makes her more secure and happy.
She is tucked in at night by her family and the smile on her face is

We can’t thank Lost Dog and Cat Rescue enough and particularly to
Ferra’s foster mom (Ann) who was so amazing to have loved and cared
for her when she needed it most and until we came along. We thank you

Alfie and Sophie aka Alice’s Update

Posted on: Saturday April 11

IMG_3882As fosters/volunteers for LCDRF we have had many kitties come into our lives and through our home.  Last year we had 33 rescued kitties who came from a variety places and circumstances.  From strays to those who were given up or given up because of owner/family member allergies to elderly who were too ill to care or had passed away, the kitties found there way to us.  We were almost foster failures on a few occasions but because we had a very busy year, we could not commit.  In the past we have had two sets of brother/sister duos along with a wonderful black lab.  Although it had been ten years, we missed the bond we had with our pets so we decided to foster.

IMG_3917Throughout the last year we learned about the antics of tuxedos, orange tabbies, torties and tabbies.  The black kitties always warmed our hearts.  Long hair, short hair – we brushed it all.  We nursed some back to health and helped them learn to trust new people but best of all we laughed ourselves silly at their kitty play and sometimes talkative nature. IMG_4167

During the Christmas holidays, #32 and #33 were at the adoption center at 7 Corners.  Alfie and Alice were a bonded brother and sister who were 5 months old.  They hailed from southwest Virginia.  Employees at a Lyme quarry would feed their mother who was very friendly.  The mother became pregnant and the mom/kittens were to be trapped-neuteured and released.  When the family got to the vet, they were so special and so beautiful, the vet and vet techs decided to socialize them, the mother was adopted locally and the kittens made their way to LCDRF.

FullSizeRenderThey were long-haired kitties with a coat that was a beautiful blend of gray and white.  I kept an eye on them during their first adoption event.  Alfie is a stunning boy with deep beautiful eyes and Alice  (now Sophia), equally beautiful, has a little bit of a mustache that somehow gives her an exotic look.  Potential adopters wanted to adopt them separately but when one kitty loves the other so much, it is sometimes difficult to separate them. FullSizeRender

We were able to foster them over the next week and realized we had found our new fur children. Life has been so much fun and we cannot imagine our lives without them.  We worried that having two cats may prevent us from fostering but again Alfie and Sophia did not disappoint.  We have had single cats as well as a set of sisters with whom they have shared their home, toys and beds, in addition to their parents.

Alfie is a big hunk of love with everyone he meets.  He sleeps on his back with his belly and paws up most of the time.  The inquisitive look he constantly has on his face just makes you smile.  Sophia keeps Alfie in line and melts our hearts with her gentle sweet nature.  You would never be able to tell that these two love  bugs were previously feral cats because they were properly socialized.

We’d like to thank our LCDRF family for all they do to bring these special animals (both cats and dogs) into our lives.  Our lives have become quite a bit fuller because of the kitties we have fostered.  In addition to our own to kitties, my mom fell in love with one of our previous fosters and adopted her.  It truly is a family affair.

Ferrari’s Update

Posted on: Friday April 10

It’s been about five months since I adopted Ferrari and she’s doing great!  She’s lost a little bit of weight and is much more active around the apartment as a result.  She’s a big fan of snuggling, cackling at the birds outside, and FOOD.  I’m very happy I found this loveable Italian diva.  Thanks for doing what you do!

Crackers aka Sophia’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday April 7


A year ago this week, my husband and I adopted the sweetest, most precious pup.  We took Crackers (formerly Sophia the Beagle) home and she was extremely shy at first, especially living in an apartment in D.C.  Since then, we have moved to a quieter area and she has become the most loving, friendly family dog.  We love her to pieces!  We can never thank you enough for rescuing her from a euthanizing shelter.

Benjamin’s Update

Posted on: Monday April 6

Things are going great with Benjamin!  We couldn’t have asked for a better puppy.  He is well behaved, learns fast, and is a big hit with everyone he meets.

He had his wellness checkup one week after we adopted him.  Other than a minor ear infection (that has been treated and cleared), he is a healthy pup. He received two booster shots at his first checkup, and is actually going for a follow-up check-up today to make sure everything is going well.  Per the vets recommendation, we are waiting until he is a little bigger before getting him chipped.  he does however always have his bone shaped tag on him, as well as a second tag with out contact info. 

 I’ve attached a few pictures we have gotten of him over the last three weeks.  He love the outdoors, including the beach we live by, and has been enjoying the warmer weather.

He is growing at about 1 pound per week, bringing him to about 8 lbs as of today (above picture was taken yesterday)

We are extremely happy that we were able to adopt Benjamin throught the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation.

Ginger and Buddy aka BT’s Update

Posted on: Monday April 6

Ginger, one of the spice pups from last summer, turned one year old on April 2.  She celebrated with her new brother, Buddy (aka BT), just adopted on March 28.  They are both sweethearts and play together racing around our yard on a regular basis.  Thank you so much for these wonderful dogs!

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