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Have you adopted a cat or dog from us and would like to share your pet’s story? We would love to hear how your special pet has touched your life. If you would like to share your story and/or a picture of your pet with us, please email happytails@lostdogrescue.org.

Neely aka Cinnamon

Posted on: Thursday April 24

When we attended the LDCRF adoption event in 7 Corners last July, it’s safe to say we were both excited and nervous.  While we attended with the hopes of adopting a specific puppy, it was another puppy that stole our heart and ended up coming home with us.  In the nine months since we brought Neely (FKA Cinnamon from the Spice Pups) home, he has been the center of our lives.  His social side came out immediately. He loves making friends with every dog and every person he comes across, whether in our apartment building, on our walks, or at the local dog park. Everyone has watched him grow both in size and confidence, going from the shy little puppy that was hesitant entering the dog park to one who tries to redirect us to the park every time we step outside. Neely has grown a lot from the 9 pound puppy we brought home, weighing in close to 62 pounds these days.  He is a quick learner and even more focused when there are treats involved.  He quickly picked up the basic commands and with a little treat motivation has learned to use a bell to tell us when he needs to go out.

Neely is always up for a cuddle or a game of fetch and his quirky personality always brings smiles to our faces.  He is curious and loves to explore new places outside (stopping to smell each and every flower) and look out the window when we go places in the car. He loves his antlers and ripping apart any stuffed toy he is given, making us hold them so that he can get better leverage.  This past winter we discovered that he absolutely loves the snow. He was always excited to see powder on the ground and love burrowing and running through it.

Whenever we have company, Neely is the first one to greet them and doesn’t leave their side, making sure they know they are one of the pack. His outgoing nature has made it easy to introduce him to new people, kids and the new puppies that have since moved into our building. While he likes his crate and will go in for a treat but he’d rather curl up with one us on the couch. Every day is an adventure with Neely and we can’t imagine our lives without him.

Stormy’s Update

Posted on: Thursday April 24

April 21st, 2012, I took home my first dog ever: Stormy.
084I’ve loved dogs all my life, but finally in 2012(when I was 16)I was able to convince my parents to get one. And boy, we hit the jackpot!
Stormy is a chihuahua/terrier mix, and in 2012 she was about 12 years old. I saw her at events while I was volunteering, and I decided to take a chance on this shy, sad girl.
054As soon as I got her home, I knew she was the dog for me. At a young 14 years old now, she still loves to run and loves treats! But of course, sleeping and snuggling are her favorite hobbies!
In the first picture, is Stormy at a Petco event, when i was her handler for the 3rd time.
The second, Stormy with my “Grouch” hat on. IMG_2328
And finally, my baby in my baby blanket, from when I was a baby!
I love her with all my heart. And I sure did bring back life to this old girl. She’s mine, and she will be forever!
Special thanks to Pam McAlwee, and Barb for being two amazing women, who truly care about the animals! I never would have met Stormy without either of you!

Nina aka Carla’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday April 22

2014-03-31 10.25.16Carla — whose name is now Nina — is just perfect. She has GROWN so much since we brought her home. We’d named her Nina b/c she was so petite, but I suspect she’s going to be a big girl after all!

She settled in just fine. She used the litter box right off the bat! She’s great with my 2-year-old daughter, too. Nina is very playful with LOADS of energy, yet she’s adorably snuggly when she’s ready to zonk out.

Attached is a pic of her enjoying the sunshine (as I think we all did) on Monday.

Many thanks for checking in!

Corky’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday April 22

On April 1, 2014, Corky turned 10 years old. He came to us when he was three. The Lost Dog (you can get -shirts with their tag-line: lost (adj): 1. unable to find the way. 2. not appreciated or understood. 3. no longer owned or known) rescue group was holding an adoption fair at the pet store when I went in to get some cat food. Corky greeted me at the door, sitting down right in front of me, with that look (you’ll see it here). He has been with us ever since that moment and is more “part of the family” than we could ever have imagined.
He found his way. He is appreciated and understood. He is known, and he is loved. He is no longer lost.
Watch Corky’s movie here.

Luna aka Millie’s Update

Posted on: Sunday April 20

Luna (formerly known as Millie) came to join us at her new forever home at the beginning of March. Luna is the bright ray of sunshine in our apartment everyday and, the bad thing about it, she knows it! This girl has become so loved and spoiled in the past month and she is one smart cookie! I could talk for hours about everything that she has been doing, but to keep it short, we’ll give a short update on Luna. Although we adopted her with the knowledge of her being a “border collie mix”, it seems she has newfie or something big in there mixed up because she is going to be one BIG girl! She just turned 4 months old just last week and is already at 32 pounds! Just over double the weight/size she was when we adopted her. She is just growing like a weed!
Luna loves living in the city and is at the perfect place for it. Our building has many other dogs and she has made friends with another border collie mix (although he seems to be a boxer/border collie mix) and she just LOVES that doggie! She is a very social being and loves everything and everyone! She is one smart cookie and was completely housebroken after only two days of getting to her forever home. She goes to school every Sunday and is about to go to her next level of courses starting this Thursday. She has learned all of her basic commands already, including a couple tricks that she loves doing! She is a very active dog. Loves playing fetch, chewing on any of her MANY toys, going to the parks (especially the off-leash dog parks), or going for hikes that include swimming holes!
We are very happy with LDCRF and with the life that they have given our sweetie Luna. It is obvious when we adopted her that she was well taken care of and it took her a few days to completely adjust to her new home and family. But now she is as energetic and happy as can be. I cannot be more grateful to have Luna with us. LDCRF is a wonderful organization that has saved the lives of many animals out there and I am happy that my Luna was one of those saved. Keep up the wonderful work! I’m sure we’ll be sending another update of Luna when she grows up bigger!!!
Thank you again!

Kingston aka Juan’s Update

Posted on: Tuesday April 15

sm family photoWhen we walked into PetSmart over MLK weekend we had no idea we would be taking home a new family member that day.  Honestly, we don’t think Kingston knew either considering how nonchalant he was with us on the drive home.  Well… as soon as we got home we learned that out little guy is a cuddler and we all fell in love with each other over the next couple of days. Who knew a little 30lb brown furball could bring such joy to our lives?

We hope Kingston has it easier these days than in his past life (all we know is that he is a rescue from Puerto Rico). He loves cuddling on the couch and bed.  He absolutely lives for his daily walks especially when we go exploring our neighborhood lake. He often gets spoiled rotten with treats, fortunately we were able to teach him a couple “tricks” to earn them.  When my husband comes home from work, Kingston goes wild with excitement.  It’s the cutest thing to see them both greeting each other!

We are extremely happy Kingston is part of our family and can’t picture it any other way.  Thank you Lost Dog for making this possible!

Nena aka Sofia and Vincent aka Mittens’ Update

Posted on: Monday April 14

We adopted Nena (formerly Sofia) from Lost Dog & Cat Rescue in June 2013 after I went full time freelance and was able to work from home. We named her Nena to reflect where she came from. In Puerto Rico, there’s a little island right off the east coast nicknamed “Isla Nena” which means “Little Girl Island.”  Nena is a term of affection meaning “darling little girl,” which we thought was fitting.
She’s a loving and friendly pup and made lots of new friends quickly in our neighborhood. It’s amazing seeing how much they have grown together; if one is outside, the others will bark until they are let out to play! Now that it is warm again, we’ve resumed our long daily walks and she is fascinated with watching birds. She plays fetch with her buddy, Lucy, a golden retriever who lives across the courtyard from us.
I often tease that she’s my quality assurance helper in my studio…when really, she spends the day playing and napping. I often find her and her brother, Vincent, cuddling together on the couch.  Vincent (formerly Mittens) was adopted from Lost Dog & Cat Rescue in 2008.  We’re so glad that they are part of our lives! Thank you, Lost Dog & Cat Rescue, for all that you do!

Professor Butterscotch aka Sampson’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday April 9

photo4Hi there!

Sampson (now Professor Butterscotch, or PB for short) is doing very well.  He’s a great addition to our family.
PB is very affectionate — he loves being near his humans.  Like all cats, he’s sleepy during the day.  We’ll often find him in a chair or a cabinet. (He’s figured out how to bat open the cabinets with his paws.)  At night, he loves to play with his scratching post and mouse toy.  Sometimes he’s interested in the laser pointer, but it’s not nearly as fun for him as toys that have tails.photo1
He’s a great eater, although he shows little interest in wet food. We’re still working on that — trying different brands and textures, putting it in the microwave for a few seconds to increase the “stink factor,” something that’s worked well with other cats in my life. He drinks a fair amount of water, so we’re not overly concerned. No problems whatsoever with the litter box.
photo3Professor Butterscotch has been wonderful for our boys too (they’re 11 and 13).  It’s very cool to see them interacting with an animal.  We’re working with them on reading PB’s “signs” for when he doesn’t want to be picked up or cuddled.  We haven’t had any behavioral problems.
Thanks to you all for helping us with the adoption process.  He’s a sweet cat, and we love having him in our lives.
Pictures attached.

Miss Bella aka Amelia’s Update

Posted on: Wednesday April 9

WP_20140317_001She is doing so well. She has been renamed, Miss Bella. Your advice on introducing Miss Bella to her brother was most helpful. It also helps that she has claws and doesn’t let the dominant male cat push her around.
She also met her vet, who says Miss Bella is off to a great start.
WP_20140317_002When she first joined our home, she didn’t want to be petted or held. But she has taken a strong liking to being brushed and the brushing has led to trust. She now sleeps touching me and likes to be petted and rubbed. She loves to play with the myriad, neglected mouse toys laying about the house. Upon making the bed, I usually find she has brought several to bed with her. We love our new kitty. She has worked her way into our home and hearts. We have returned the crate you loaned me, but we are keeping the Bella puss.

Roxy aka Rosebud’s Update

Posted on: Friday April 4

IMG_1951 IMG_1949Many thanks for the opportunity to adopt Rosebud (now Roxy). She settled in beautifully and very quickly started playing with our other LDCR treeing walker coonhound, Scout.  She sleeps with our daughter every night and bonded with her almost immediately.  No accidents or any destructive behavior–she’s an absolutely perfect girl and was exactly as you described her.
Here are a few pictures of her in her new home.
Thanks again for Roxy and all the work you do!

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